Management Team

The company’s top management comprises seasoned professionals with several years of experience in the construction industry. They have successfully steered the company through the major milestones that dots its evolution as a leading national construction company.

A thought beacon we followed tirelessly to take MIPL construction from strength to strength. We believe strongly in the competitiveness of the Indian market & unique challenges that our environment creates for us to be world class. As business & corporate citizens we are committed to contributing to the growth of the nation & this is where we believe our deep-rooted values set us apart.

Along the way we have learned hard-won business lesions on breaking from conventional practices & taking on challenges bringing a great deal of expertise to our client, strengthens the company, both, technically & at the management level. Our values inherited from the absorbing tale if our founders have allowed us to preserve the spirit of the company through periods of intense growth. As we move ahead to the future we are determined to serve our clients & nation at large with a newfound relevance of our values, regardless of change.

We owe our deepest gratitude & respect to the employees of MIPL who are the real champions of the company without their hard work & commitment.MIPL,s growth would not have taken shape.guided by values we are fortunate to have people within the folds who not only believe in these values but also strive to take it to greater heights. .